Welcome to the New Age. Now backup your website.

It’s 2015, do you know where your website backup is?

If you own your own site, or have a blog that you host on your website, it’s a REALLY good idea to make a backup periodically. The more frequent you update, and the more important your content is to you, the more frequently you should backup.

Here are handy links to WordPress and Blogger:

How to backup a WordPress Site and Database.

How to back up a Blogger Blog (Google).

If you use something else, do a Google search on “backup [platform] blog”.

If you host your own website, it’s also a really good time to back that up as well. Your webhost (GoDaddy, Dreamhost, etc.) will have instructions on how to do that.

Life happens. Payments get missed. Sites get hacked. Auto-re-registration glitches and doesn’t auto-re-registrate.

Back up your site! I only remind you about this once a year!