The Joys of Renting

Well, I’m all moved and safe and sound in the Pacific Northwest.

Unfortunately, I apparently packed some of the California Summer in the truck, and it escaped when we unloaded. And up here, the apartments don’t come with air conditioners. Today is supposed to be the last really hot day for a while.

I’m settling in, the cat has settled in, and I’m trying to finish up my obligations for my current job and get everything squared away before school starts in September.

Today I got the deposit return back from the place I’d been living in, to find out that they’d stiffed me $225.

So, I spent my afternoon compiling documentation about how much I’d actually paid vs how much rent was actually owed to get the actual deposit amount. Then I biked down to the post office to send it priority mail (w/ return receipt.) It cost a little extra, but I’ll know for sure when it’s delivered and who signed for it.

And I’m really proud of myself for biking there, instead of driving. I’m living closer to the town center here, and my goal is to live a more pedestrian lifestyle, even if it means biking or walking to school in the rain. Shopping trips may still require driving, but that’s only once, maybe twice a week.

And if I get to a point I can afford Panniers (holey crap are they expensive. May have to jury-rig my own somehow) then I’ll likely try to bike to the grocery store, too. Exercise is good!