The August Melt

The August Melt

It’s Monday, again. Whee.

Newsworthy Things

  • I have begun edits on a release for Dreamspinner Press: It’s Christmas Everywhere But Here, scheduled for release during the 2015 Holiday Season.
  • Modified my Facebook page, so you should be able to Follow instead of needing to Friend. I am very much not-Facebook-saavy.
  • Gotten my first-ever traffic ticket, for failing to pull over for a cop who was giving a ticket. It is justified, I just wish it hadn’t come when I was living off my savings.
  • Had a couple good job interviews, so hopefully something will come from at least one of them soon.
  • It is supposed to hit nearly 100° F here today. With thunderstorms. This is OREGON. WTF.

Gay For You

I read an article recently (that I of course cannot now find) about the ‘gay for you1 trope in the MM Romance genre.

I admit that this category resonates with me, especially considering my own rather arduous coming out process. Man, I wish I could find that article. Anyway…

I think the “punch-in-the-gut” romance is one of the reasons I like this trope. It resonates the love-at-first-sight that is so often in the fairy tales of our youth. It also opens up the door to a whole new world/way of being for the individual, and that journey, that blossoming of self is encouraging, even if there are stumbling blocks in the way.

And that brings me to “Zankie.”2

I am not a reality TV fan3, and have never watched an actual episode of Big Brother, but some of the Tumblr blogs I follow have gifs of this couple show up occasionally.

If you’re not familiar with them, Frankie Grande is 31, very cute, and very gay. Zach Rance is 23, studly, and very straight.

They cannot keep their hands off of each other. (The timeline through July 29.)

From what I have read, Zach has, while reiterating his heterosexuality, admitted that Frankie means a lot to him, and that, if they were not in the Big Brother House but living together, it’s possible he would have gone all the way.

I find this fascinating. There is still a not insignificant portion of our population that regards homosexuality as weakness, and that believes a man who would consider/entertain thoughts of a homosexual relationship to be somehow Less than his (straight) peers.

From my (admittedly distant) observations, Zach on the surface fits this straight, dude-bro persona. But he, knowing he’s on camera in front of how ever many millions of viewers, has no qualms about being physically affectionate with another man. That takes a fuck ton of courage.

I’m not going to debate whether Zach is straight but gay-for-Frankie, or bisexual or where, exactly, he falls on the Kinsey scale because ultimately, it’s not my business.

If the feelings between Frankie and Zach are genuine, I wish them the best, and I hope they have the opportunity to explore this relationship outside the pressure-cooker of the BB House.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Fun Things


2: I actually loathe portmanteau couple nicknames like this, but I realize that others have no such qualms. To my mind, it subsumes the individuals and makes the relationship the important thing, rather than the people involved. Also, since this seems to be mainly used for celebrity couples, it also (again, my opinion) states: “These people are so much More Important than you, that even their couple-hood deserves a special name. Suck on that, loser.”

3: With the exception of HGTV, and some cooking shows.