Summer Is Here! (I’m Still Waitin’ in Vain…)

Hey there, folks! Sorry for the radio silence for the last little bit, but I had a very good reason: I was finishing my Master’s Degree and graduating from college for the second time. It involved a research paper and a lot of stress on my part, and a lovely trip over to the coast when everything was said and done.

The Northern California coast isn’t the type of beach you go to for swimming or sunbathing. It’s rocky, the water is cold even in summer, and there’s usually a chance of undertow due to the way the beaches drop off. But to me, they have a kind of harsh beauty, accented when the clouds roll in. The second day of our trip obliged me by being foggy, and it was beautiful. I got to stand out on one of the headlands, looking out at the ocean under a grey sky and smelling the salt air and the wind.

Now that school’s over, I’ve started working on my creative writing again, trying to edit some of the stories I’ve already written and get them into shape for submission.

So of course, there are new stories popping up screaming “Write me! Write me! You don’t want to work on that old stuff, work on something new!” And of course I give in, so I can get it down before it gets completely out of my head.

And this is all complicated by the fact that I’m apartment hunting in a city 430 miles away from where I actually live. The hunt should be finished next week, and then I’ll have a month to prep for actually moving. Real conducive to concentration, that. Oh, and I’ll be losing about half my current square footage, so there will be some major purging going on. Whee.

Despite the need to purge, I did get myself a few small things for graduation, one of which was this tile with a hand painted representation of part of the Great Wave print.

Great Wave Tiile(That’s not a chip at the top, it’s reflection from the flash. (I had to go check after I uploaded the file into my image editor.))

So there’s a bit of update from me, and a bit of pretty for you. Hopefully more writing from me soon, until then, thanks for reading!


  1. Kit
    Jun 16, 2012

    Congratuations on your Master’s! Go, Liam!
    Thanks to you, many of us now have a new favorite cast of characters found in “Collision Vector.” Beyond delightfully entertaining–it’s got your special brand of humor/snark/wit that’s truly addictive!

    • Liam
      Jun 18, 2012

      Thanks, Kit!
      “Collision Vector” was a fun story to write, I’m glad you enjoyed it!