Splaturday Linkage

Well, I intended to have a longer post for you this weekend, but my end-of-term projects are kind of eating my time. So, here’s some fun/interesting links that I’ve run across recently.

And a reminder that Time for Christmas comes out next Wednesday, December 4th from Torquere Press. I’ll have more info next week!

Some Links:

Awesome Minimalist Harry Potter Book Covers. Artist Page / All In One Post

The Crossing, by Kyle Cabral. Another Tumblr find, I think his art is gorgeous. If I had a million dollars, I would pay him to do the artwork for my website.

Crochet Londo and G’Kar from Babylon 5. I crochet a little, but mainly knit. And I am something of a B5 fan. I think these are adorable.

And since my Crack to Post folder doesn’t have as much in it as I expected, I shall leave you with one last blast from Tumblr: A photo set of Alex Minsky (NSFW).