Social Media Presence

Howdy, reader! As with most folks today, I have multiple social media presences. If you follow me on all of them, you are going to get the same content multiple times, because I am lazy, and cannot be arsed with using my limited time to generate unique content for each.

So, here is the information YOU NEED to make an informed decision on how and/or where to follow me, if you so desire!

Everything starts with my blog, hosted on this site.

Facebook is the place I’m most interactive, and am most likely to post things that don’t show up on the blog. 99% of my blog posts here, are also posted to Facebook.

Google+, LiveJournal, and Goodreads are straight up mirrors of the blog here. Google+ is the only one I occasionally read through, and that’s usually only a minute or two because I manually paste the post link.

I do get notified if you reply to a post in any of those places, and will respond in a (hopefully) timely manner.