This site didn’t build itself. Here is information on where the various bits and pieces came from:

Icon Image

This print is the Great Wave off Kanagawa, a woodblock print by the Japanese artist Hokusai. Wikipedia article here. I have always loved this print and chose to use it for my icon when I set up my LiveJournal. I think the image encompasses travel and exotic locations, the struggle of man against nature, as well as the majesty and power of the ocean. All of those elements speak to the dreamer in this middle class boy from rural California.

Site Design

Design is “Memoir” by Elegant Themes, slightly modified by me.

Background Image

Copyright © 123RF Stock Photos

Link to Image.

Feed Icons

I made my feed icons, but I followed the tutorial here, which utilizes Gimp. I used the Georgia font for the Facebook icon, as it matched the site.

Encouragement & Everything Else

For friendship, beta reading (even the unfinished snippets), encouraging me to submit my work, and for screaming along with me when it got accepted, thanks Heather. : ]