Over the hump

It is Thursday. I have made it through the first year of the last stint in grad school, and have a whole summer full of promise ahead of me. I have comprehensive exams at the end of summer that I’ll need to study for, but that should only take a couple hours a day.

There’s been some really cool stuff happening here in the US the last couple days. Like DOMA getting tossed out, Prop 8 getting the smack down, and the Texas Abortion Reform getting filibustered.

There’s also been some totally disheartening things like Wendy Davis and supporters being called a “terrorist” for daring to oppose the old white men trying to tell them what they can and cannot do with their bodies. All-around douche Rick Santorum proved he’s still top of the pack at being a hypocrite. We still have a ways to go. But that does not make what did happen this week any less awesome.

In writing news, I’ve got a submission pending. On Sunday, I got an idea, researched it a little, and banged out what I think is a decent first draft. Going to let it sit a week then clean it up. Have two other nearly finished pieces that I want to get done and submitted by the end of July, and then there’s the new stuff kicking around. So, hopefully some new releases from me by the end of the year.

So, to thumb my nose at the nay-sayers, and to enjoy the joy of this week’s supreme court decisions:

Here is a funny thing with John Barrowman.

Here is a hot thing with a male gogo dancer.

And here is a really hot hottie. I’d take two of him, but I think that would be rude of — oh, who am I kidding. Clone him. I’ll take them all.