Fun stuff for Friday

Even though it’s a holiday for most people, I thought I’d post some fun stuff from around the web, to liven up the day

“Disturbingly Creative Snowmen” from Huffpost – some of them are direct recreations of scenes from my all-time favorite comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes.

Also from Huffpost,  an Optical Illusion. Having seen similar things, I had it figured out before the end, but still find stuff like this facinating.

A very lovely (and NSFW) picture from Twitter. I love the contrasts here. Yum. Found on Amy Lane’s Blog.

An awesome bromance story from Not Always Romantic. I think this is super sweet. As my brother would call them, Heterosexual Life Partners.

And one last one from Huffpost, Nude Dancers and Landscapes. Two of my favorite things. Not explicit, but probably NSFW unless bare backsides are okay in your workspace.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. HJ
    Dec 28, 2013

    Thank you for this light relief! I particularly enjoyed the snowman presenter’s slip of the tongue over “tentacles” – he didn’t really mind and they left it in there…

    • Liam
      Dec 31, 2013

      Hahhah, I know, those were fantastic. Glad you enjoyed them!