Flashing by Friday

ICEBH Cover IconHappy Friday, All.

I am grabbing a few hours in between work and a community event I’ve gotten involved in to snag dinner, and try to quickly sum up the week.

Today I have an author spotlight over at Nautical Star Books. I’m their first author spotlight, in fact! Go take a look, learn a little more about my process for It’s Christmas Everywhere But here, and me!

Carissa at Love Bytes Reviews gave ICEBH 4.5 stars. Thanks, Carissa! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I’m in the part of the Pacific Northwest that just got slammed with wind and rain this week. I was thoroughly expecting a power outage last night, but while the lights flickered, they did not fully go out. I have the feeling I am going to completely face-plant after my event tonight.

I totally have the feeling there’s something I’m forgetting to link you but I’ve gone through everything in my e-mail. I can always make another post, right?

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thanks for reading.