Failure to Post

Failing to keep to a regular update schedule? Gold star for me!

Making a post that is links to other peoples posts? Double gold star!

Brilliant advice from the lovely talented Diane Duane on reviews and feedback.

A post from Amy Lane on measuring success, and how you may need to re-frame “success”.

And Seanan McGuire reblogging Seanan McGuire about professional author success. (It is worth clicking through to the original post to read about a pirate site.)

All three of those posts rolled through various social media in reasonable proximity, so I thought I would consolidate and share.

In personal news, work is going well. I have been at my new job 3 months tomorrow. There is no shortage of things to do, the feedback I’m getting is good, and the work is generally interesting.

Now I need to go call my mother and tell her I survived the windstorm before she starts leaving increasingly passive-aggressive messages.