Publisher: Torqure Press, Inc
Wordcount: 6900
Published on: 2012-02-15
Publisher Line: Short Stories: Sips

Someone's taking credit for Mark's hard work. A suspension and a fractured wrist were not the intended result of informing his boss. It could be a blessing in disguise when Jacob from Marketing drives him home, and Mark gets a bonus he wasn't expecting.


When all I could think of doing was grabbing Jacob and burying my nose in the open collar of his shirt, I closed my eyes to rub at my face.

And of course smacked myself in the head with the heavy cast.

“Jeeze, Mark. You okay?” Humor and concern twisted together in the tone of his voice. Before I could step away, he was right in front of me, his fingers on my chin to angle my face toward the light in the hall. “Careful there, man, or you’ll end up with a busted nose, after all.”

“Hah, hah.” I could breathe through my nose again, which wasn’t really helping because all I could smell was him. And fuck, his lips were right there, the corner of his mouth twisting up in that saucy little grin he got.

“You need to go.” I’m not sure what his expression was. I was too busy staring at his lips.


“Because you do.”

The fingers on my chin stroked down my neck to splay out over my chest. “Why?” he asked again. His chin went to the side and forward, angling that grin up at me.

And there was that fucking dimple.

He couldn’t say I hadn’t warned him.