Book List

Eventually, this will be a virtual bookshelf of all the books I’ve written, but I don’t have a full feed of books set up.

For now, please click through to the category length pages:

More categories will be added as I get more published.

Every publisher has different guidelines for what constitutes the length of a novel or novella, so I’ve taken my cue from the SFWA1 & RWA2 book lengths for Novel and Novella, and using Torquere Press’ lengths for Novelette and Short Story.

These lengths may differ from the publisher’s categorization. On the individual book pages, I’ve tried to include the publisher’s size category/line as well as a direct purchase link.

1: SFWA guidelines here. Yes it’s a Wikipedia link, their reference link is broken.
2: RWA RITA Award length guidelines (scroll down to Contest Categories).