Back to School

Winter term starts tomorrow, and I’m mostly ready.

I’m also really anxious because this is the term I do my research project (don’t have a topic yet!) and need to buff up the resume and start interviewing (haven’t done that in ages!). So, little high anxiety.

I hope your new year is going well so far.

To keep it going well, now would be a great time to back up your website, if you haven’t done it recently.

Here are the instructions for a WordPress site. You should be able to do a web search on “backup <content management system>” to find instructions if you use something different.

You want to back up your SITE (the .php and other files that make up the layout) and the DATA (the actual content), which are generally two separate steps.

Hope your week goes well. I’m off to finish up the last remaining project from fall term (that I totally forgot about) so I can start this term fresh.