Back, After a Fashion

So, finals are over with (sidenote: got e-mail … yesterday?1 that I have officially graduated and may pick up my diploma), the funeral is over with, the week straight of having family on top of me + driving 1000 miles round trip + parents changing plans that involve me w/o discussing with me is over with and I have taken an additional week being pissed at the world and doing nothing but playing Wildstar2, with a side of getting my eyes checked while I still have insurance and getting a haircut.

Today, needing to do something else, I cleaned out the fridge and went through the pantry.

And then I pissed off the cat.

I used to have tuna fairly frequently, and I would give the cats the juice from the can as a treat. I haven’t had tuna in gosh, 6 months? 12? About a month ago I made a tuna salad, and Q the cat came running, so I gave her the juice.

Now, she’s been REALLY vocal if I open a can, or sometimes if I just walk into the kitchen.

There were about 6 expired cans of things in the pantry that had to be opened and the contents pitched3. None of them were tuna.

She is Not Amused. She does not want pats. She does not want cuddles. She wants to know where her fucking tuna juice is at, you’re a horrible waiter, daddy.

My heart would bleed, if I still had one.

So, after I get the fridge and4 pantry restocked, It’s job hunting and back to writing.

So, hello Internet, nice to see you again. ^_^

1 I had literally lost track of what day of the week it was yesterday and had to ask. Twice.
2 Very fun, but I get tired of the constant Challenges and have run into places where despite being at or above level, I keep getting trounced.
3 I did save a can for the bacon grease that I will be generating shortly.
4 I can tell I’ve been using Latex a lot because I initially typed ‘&’ then corrected it.