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I am a relatively new author of M/M Romance and Fiction, with my first short story being published in February 2012.

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It is an amazing day!

Getting a little political this morning: The Supreme Court has held up nationwide marriage equality. On the heels of which, OutserveSLDN has asked that the Veterans Affairs immediately being providing spousal benefits to same-sex partners. A conservative judge has thrown out that conservative companies can deny third-party efforts to provide their workers birth control. (A […]

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Recent Releases

It’s Christmas Everywhere But Here

It’s Christmas Everywhere But Here

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: December 3, 2014
Words: 27000
Category: Contemporary Gay Romance, Holiday

Christmas brings dreams of peace, love, and family time for most. Sadly, Russell Moore isn’t so blessed. Since his coming out and marriage prompted a less-than-joyful reaction from his religious parents, Russ has kept his distance to avoid their conservative disapproval. With his husband David deployed overseas for the second Christmas in a row, Russ gives in to the loneliness and takes his stepchildren to meet his parents for the first time, hoping the “goodwill toward men” spirit will overcome his mother’s zealotry.

But Russ’s Christmas joy is too quickly deflated by his mother’s unmet expectations, leaving Russ to ponder if peace, love, and perhaps matricide go hand in hand.

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